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“Look after your staff, and they will look after your business”
– Richard Branson

Interestingly, whether you spend all day sat at a desk or all day lifting, carrying, crouching and generally performing all manner of physical tasks, the incidence of work related pain and injury are not dissimilar across all types of employment.

Ideally prevention is the key, however, sometimes injury does occur. In these situations early intervention is key – recognition and appropriate action is essential in achieving timely injury resolution and return to work.

Alongside providing highly effective treatment and rehabilitation solutions for a speedy return to work, Achieve Physiotherapy can offer organisations a prevention strategy tailored to their specific needs:

If staff spend the majority of their time sat at a desk we can:

  • Complete workstation assessments, advise and show staff the most ergonomically sound sitting position(and produce a report for you detailing the information given and any action to be taken)
  • Provide education regarding how posture and ergonomics affect the body – Understanding can be the key in gaining buy-in from staff.

For workplaces in which staff perform active and physically demanding jobs we can:

  • Undertake a work environment assessment; evaluating how employees undertake their required tasks, reviewing manual handling techniques and identifying potential causes of injury
  • Advise on possible beneficial adjustments, manual handling changes and, if necessary, prescribe an exercise program to the individual’s ability to carry out their work.
  • Provide a report detailing findings and actions to be taken.

We do not believe that extremely expensive chairs are the order of the day; the correct workstation setup, some simple postural aids, some advice, education, and possibly a little treatment will nearly always produce a better result at a much more cost effective price.


Alice is definitely the best physio I have ever had! I suffered from a part torn bicep and pectoral tendon. I was able to carry on playing hockey while receiving weekly treatments. The i was injury free after around 8 weeks, which was considerably shorter than I though it was going to be. The rehabilitation exercises to help strengthen the muscles back to peak level were great and could be done at home. I would highly recommend

Alex Cook


Alice has helped me go from being constantly injured and unable to play my sport, to being able to compete in a high-level tournament injury free! Would highly recommend!!

Harry Miles


Was really impressed with depth of knowledge and treatment advice given by Alice. Made me feel very comfortable and had great confidence in the treatment I was being given.
This allowed me to rehab my injury quickly and get back to sport. Would definitely use again

Katie Brough


I think it's fair to say that Alice had dramatically improved my quality of life. It's been fantastic seeing someone that simply made me feel at ease as soon as we met. Treatment wise, she's knowledgeable, paces the exercises well and is happy to explain what's going on and why the exercises work, which I love. Personally, I can't recommend Alice enough and if you're umming and arring about something then just go!

Matt Cheale


So glad we were recommended Alice at Achieve following my daughter's hamstring injury. Alice has helped us, and continues to help us through Physiotherapy and S & G. She is professional, knowledgeable and kind. Alice helps my daughter understand the importance of correct training and use of muscles in relation to her hockey. We would definitely recommend Alice, and look forward to her continued support.

Tina Evans


I have nothing but praise for Alice at achieve physio! I began seeing her as recommended by a friend, having had longstanding problems with my shoulder and neck and not much success with other physios. After several sessions I've seen such an improvement in my symptoms, and Alice has been professional and friendly throughout. Cannot thank her enough!

Joanna Hester


Highly recommend. The support and treatment has allowed me to return to normal activities at one point I thought could never happen.

Sharon Corry


Alice is amazing! She has helped me recover much quicker than I would have without her. She is knowledgable, honest and highly professional. If you need a good physio in the Solihull area she is the one for you!

Joy Blud


Alice is a fabulous physio! Not only did she resolve my injury in a matter of weeks, she is also very friendly and knowledgable and really helps to make you feel at ease. I am now able to train better than ever which was really important to me. Alice fully understood my needs and worked with me to achieve optimum treatment. I will definitely be going back for maintenance sessions.



I had a fantastic experience at Achieve Physiotherapy Birmingham. Jezzie is very friendly and a pleasure to work with, she got me back up and running rapidly after working miracles on my injury. The clinic itself is a very pleasant environment, the service is professional and thorough, follow up and rehab programming is also outstanding.
Jezzie was highly recommended to me by a number of friends and colleagues with a range of issues and is very worthy of that endorsement.

Conor Turner


Used 'Achieve physio' for various sports injuries and it was amazing. Good honest advice and treatment. Amazing service helped in my fast recovery. Was treated by Jessi for knee injury and again for calf and hip injuries, definately recommend.

Nash Nash


Jezzie is extremely knowledgable and professional and makes you feel completely at ease at each session. After trying several other chiropractors and acupuncturists beforehand I had started to worry that surgery was on the cards. After only a few sessions there was a significant improvement and following my last session I feel great. Thanks Jezzie!

Lucy Smith


The first time I saw Jezzie I was in excruciating pain and was in a lot of physical and psychological discomfort. I am hugely grateful for her treatment as I am now back in the gym and feel so much better from a mental health aspect. Would highly recommend her professional and outstanding treatment.

Gavin Singh


Jez is an amazing physiotherapist. She told me what was wrong with me instantly.
After doing the exercises she advised me, my shoulder pain has reduced massively. I actually feel like im on road to recovery after 10yrs of nothing working!
Her treatment during the sessions takes all my knots out and releases all the tension in that affected area. She is great at what she does!

Sahra Rehman


I had Jezzie as my physiotherapist and I can not thank her enough for all the hard work she invested into my recovery. Went in with a knee injury and was expecting to be shown exercises and be sent on my way. Not Jezzie deep tissue massages and also showing me correct ways to exercise to ensure that the injury did not occur again. Thank you so much you have no idea on how much you have helped me.

Parminder Kaur


Jezzie is an excellent listener who really gets to the root cause of your injury. She identified the source of my pain and after just the first session I had regained almost all of my mobility. I was very impressed by the highly targeted and focussed approach. Her ability to massage and manipulate the muscles and joints is incredible.

I would thoroughly recommend her. A brilliant physiotherapist and a very nice person too.

A Khan


Been suffering a recurring running injury for some time before coming here and wish I had done sooner. Best physio’s I’ve ever been to, they actually listen and figure out the source of the issues instead of just saying “stretch more” like others I’ve seen. Very impressed

Thomas Lines


My 15 year old son, had been told he had Schlatter's and hasn't been able to play football for the last 6 months. First appointment with Jezzie established he had problems with his quads and hamstrings. He has had 3 appointments and is back playing and training. He has had to carry out some exercises at home but the difference in his ability to participate pain free has been amazing. I can't recommend Jezzie highly enough, she has transformed him! Her straight-talking attitude, knowledge of football and deep tissue massage has returned him to the player he was 6 months ago and we are extremely grateful!

Jane Mitchell


I saw Rickie for shoulder pain and he quickly diagnosed the issue and fixed the problem. I was very surprised that my shoulder felt pain free so quickly! He made me feel at ease during sessions and also made me feel well informed about the issue, causes and how to strengthen my shoulder to prevent future injury. Would definitely recommend to friends and family!

Sapna Amrania-Patel


I went to Rickie on a recommendation from a friend as I had a long-standing injury and a more recent acute injury. Rickie sorted me with a programme of exercises targeting my specific issues. Great stuff!

Pa White


I highly recommend Rickie and can't thank him enough. I had a trapped nerve causing me extreme pain for a week. Within one visit, Rickie eased off the pain and the pain is completely gone after subsequent visits. He has given me exercises to do at home to prevent the problem from recurring.

Shamin Patel


Incredible level of expertise, instant diagnosis of a life long issue, and a great treatment plan in place from the first session. Highly recommended.

Michelle Mills-Porter


I went to Rickie after I dislocated my ankle last January. I had got to the point where I accepted that my ankle would always be painful when walking, let alone attempting to run on it. With Rickie's help and advice, i was running within 10 weeks and pain free. I can't recommend him enough.

Rhys Thomas


I had Plantar fasciitis from September last year and left it, and continued running which made it a lot worse. I decided to see Rickie, who diagnosed it, treated it, gave me advice on training, and strengthening my feet. It has been a month since I last saw him and last night competed in my first fell race in almost a year! If you have an injury, go and see him, top quality, knowledge is great, treatment is great, and advice is second to none. Cheers Rickie

Andy Pye


Having thought I'd "just slept funny", that it would just go away, it didn't and my neck was agony...after a few days I was recommended to Rick who saw me that day. His knowledge & experience solved my problem quickly.

Amanda Shamel


feeling a lot better after my first treatment today! Thank you very much indeed

Sharon Antcliff


First Class

Ravi Michael Singh


Absolutely brilliant physio: both technically and personally. Would recommend to anyone.

Dan Birch


Without doubt Rickie is THE BEST physio i have ever been treated by. Taking time to assess my neck and shoulder injury and treating me according to the need. It is clear to me that Rickie is very knowledgeable and therefore i trust him 100% to treat me. I highly recommend Rickie and Achieve Physiotherapy for all of the reasons above.

Weezey Fenton


I would strongly recommend Achieve Physiotherapy. I left feeling confident that pain-free days were ahead with expert advice and a professional approach. Thank you Rickie.

Joanne Timmins


I'm a professional athlete so trying to remain injury free is of massive importance to me. I started to visit Achieve after a back injury and the results were almost immediate. I've seen Rick several times with niggles and pains and he always diagnoses the issue and helps to reduce the pain before curing it over a period of sessions. He's even helped to reduce the scarring on my face caused from my last contest! I recommend Achieve almost on a weekly basis to someone new.

Matt Mann Windle

how it can help

Occupational physiotherapy helps reduce absenteeism and save your business money.

The cost of absenteeism

  • The average cost of an employee being absent from work can commonly cost employers between £100 and £350 per day.
  • Traditional vocational rehabilitation models utilise 3 month absence triggers, meaning it can be 3 months before an employee with an MSK injury receives treatment.
  • At a conservative estimate, the 3 month absence will cost the employer somewhere in the region of £6000, or £21,000 if the cost of the absent individual is at the higher end of the scale.

How much of a difference can early intervention make?

A simple example:

  • Work related injury, untreated, leads to 8 weeks absence: Conservatively costing the employer c.£4000
  • The same injury, recognised early, treated 6 times leading to 4 weeks absence: 6 treatments = £240, 4 weeks absence = c.£2000, total cost = £2240 – saving £1760
  • The end result: an episode cost saving of nearly 45%, and an employee that feels looked after and valued.


If you'd like to discuss your requirements, condition or how we can help, get in touch with us using the contact methods below, or if you'd like to book an appointment click below to book online now!

Our Mission Statement

To have a positive and lasting impact on the health & wellness of every person we work with, by taking the time to listen and understand their individual needs and challenges and creating a multi-faceted solution to provide a full and lasting recovery.



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