Physiotherapy is known as an aid of treating clients suffering from instability, muscle weakness, pain, reduced mobility and stiffness as a result of an injury or chronic illness such as arthritis.

The female body will endure vast changes during pregnancy and have a significant impact on routine tasks.

In most cases, the discomfort during pregnancy is a normal, accepted process. However, there are cases where the discomfort is more than that and physical therapy may be suggested to relieve discomfort and prepare the woman for an easier delivery and recovery process.

Simple tasks including walking, standing, sitting and working can become difficult when you are carrying a child. Nearly all pregnant women suffer from discomfort, alongside approximately 25% of pregnant woman experience temporary disabling problems. Ante and postnatal physiotherapy techniques can be used to relieve the discomfort.

Achieve Physiotherapy can aid with the following pregnancy related problems:

  • Tightened muscles and muscles spasms (through soft tissue massage and manipulation)
  • Stiffness and general discomfort (through stretching and mobility exercises to keep your joints moving)
  • Posture (through advice and education on what is best for you, also using postural aids to make it even easier)

General pregnancy relation pain can also be helped through core strengthening exercises and programs that can help your body and yourself prepare and cope with the additional physical demands on the body and support the joints.

Achieve Physiotherapy also offer post caesarean section rehabilitation. We use soft tissue massage techniques and manipulation techniques to dramatically improve the healing and remodelling of scar issue, thus allowing you a quicker return to function and exercise.

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